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Marketing is always evolving and the pandemic has made it even more challenging, as all companies are fighting for a precious few seconds of attention.

It can be very hard to find the right outlet to reach your target and acquire awareness.


Most events are postponed or cancelled.

There's too much competition in social media ads.

Conventional ads simply don't do it anymore.

Brands have to express their opinions and beliefs.

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"Are you watching anything new?"

After staying at home for so long, everyone feels like they have seen everything.
Your customers demand unique and high-quality entertainment content, the rare find.

Virtual Reality High School Esports is a brand-new and pandemic-proof form of entertainment, which has the most supportive and united community paired with the fastest growing fan base.
It merges the physicality and entertainment value of traditional sports with the approachability of computer gaming and home exercise.

They want to know: what and who does your brand supports? Why?

Our league helps level-up the Education Industry by connecting educators with our partners who provide unique and tailored experiences never seen before for students in grades K-12.

Our community connects everyone --educators, parents, athletes, fans and brands-- together in one place with activities for all.

Our athletes become more engaged at school, compete for glory, represent their communities safely from home, exercise and develop healthy habits, learn about the VR Esports Industry and STEM, and have a chance at winning numerous prizes.


"We really enjoyed being able to participate in the High School Heroes Esports League.
We have always been passionate about introducing new people to VR, and this league was a great inlet to being able to bring these experiences to students that might not otherwise have had the opportunity.
Working with the staff at Outrun Digital is always a pleasure because they’re just as passionate about XR and having fun, but they are equally dedicated to being a fair and professional business."

Alexander Clark
CEO, Starcade Arcade

"Working with Outrun has been an incredibly easy experience, with little to no problems, delays, or unexpected requirements.
Their positive community online across multiple platforms reflects well on both our product and company, while the games and platform selection of VR delivers a unique experience for the players & students.
We're proud to be involved and look forward to the next event!"

Joseph Lieberman
Director of Marketing, Antlion Audio

"We are super excited to be working with Outrun Digital. The organization is made up of folks knowledgeable and passionate, not just about VR, but about the difference it can make, both globally and individually.
This passion shows in everything they do--from planning and communication to completion and competition--resulting in a fun and engaging experience. It has been a blast integrating into their community, and we can't wait to see what they have in store for the future!"

Social Media & Community Relations, Cloudhead Games
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By sponsoring our league you are supporting the future of education, healthy habits for the youth and showing your audience where your values lie, while getting the best possible exposure at the right moment: when they can't get enough of our action-packed tournaments.

Whether you are a startup or a multinational company, we have an ideal sponsorship package for you.

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