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Offer your time and expertise to help make the league a rewarding experience for students, schools, and spectators.

An audience of young adults cheering for their team
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Your skills can help us provide a better experience for everyone: fans, spectators, athletes, educators and sponsors.
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Bring your ideas to the table: we are always looking to innovate and your voice will always be heard.
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Being a volunteer comes with special perks: insider knowledge (may require a NDA), some cool and limited merch, free entry to our in-person events, and be the first to receive internship or job offers when applicable!


There are a number of roles you can assist us with if you wish to donate any free time to help evolve the educational system and make VR Esports bigger.

Contact us using the form below.

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You enjoy maintaining communities and making chats a safe space for everyone.
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Music Artists
You enjoy uplifting people's moods with sounds and music.
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Video Artists
You enjoy creating hype by editing awesome videos.
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Graphic Artists
You enjoy making information easy to understand.
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Visual Artists
You enjoy transforming your imagination into illustrations.
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Casters and Commentators
You enjoy talking about games you have experience at.
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Judges and Referees
You enjoy guaranteeing fair-play at all times.
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VR Expert and Coaches
You enjoy teaching teams the best tips and techniques in games you have experience at.
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You enjoy reaching out and spreading good news.
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You enjoy making a positive influence in your communities.


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