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season 1 is over!

Congratulations to East Islip High School from New York for taking the win home, followed closely by Pasco High School from Florida and Concord-Carlisle from Massachusetts!

Hang tight while we update our website with fresh news about Season 2, new partners, new sponsors, and new schools.

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Virtual Reality
High School esports

Students compete for glory and prizes, while exercising and learning STEM.
Schools and educators increase engagement, sportsmanship and grades.

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an asian young girl at school having trouble understanding the lesson


Now more than ever educators, parents and students themselves are going through much harder times because the pandemic has put the world to a pause. Distance learning is here but it's not easier or better.


Students are stuck at home where they can easily get distracted while at the same time lack access to extra-curricular activities and can't participate in sports events because they are either postponed or cancelled.

This results in increased health concerns for the youth including psychological issues such as depression and anxiety due to a lack of positive news to deliver a sense of hope and certainty that everything will resume to normal.

2 young students sitting down at the school hall, looking down and sad
A young woman exercising in her living room using a virtual reality headset, in a dark lit scene


Our virtual reality high school esports league is the first and only Virtual Reality Esports League to receive a STEM Accredited Educational Experience ™ certificate and by joining us your students can safely play from home, and represent your school and communities through a unique fusion of education, competition, exercise and team-building activities that are pandemic-proof and demand full body movements.


By joining virtual reality high school esports league your school not only stays ahead of the competition by offering your students access to virtual reality worlds and activities but also gets connected with our partners who develop unique experiences that are tailored for educators to level-up their classes.

Education can and should benefit from the evolution of technology and virtual reality is here to facilitate and transform classes into much more immersive and interesting experiences.

2 young male students next to each other at school looking happy at the camera

How it Works


A new season is announced

The games for the season are revealed and the registration period starts. Schools who join the league are contacted to confirm status and terms for participation in the season.
Rulesets are generated with input from players and staff.

Practice and qualifiers

Athletes receive their hardware and begin practicing with their teammates. Faculty and community coaches help teams prepare for success. Teams begin to play qualifier matches for the main event of our virtual reality high school esports league season against other schools.

May the best school win!

Teams advance based on their qualifier results into bracket play, where they compete until only one team remains and is crowned the champion. Schools get connected with our partners to implement unique and tailored immersive experiences and use their VR hardware to upgrade their classrooms and can start preparing for future seasons of our league and beyond.



"What you're doing is so incredible. Thank you to you and all of your group for what you've done to make this possible - the gear, the casting, the supportive Discord - it's made COVID just a little easier."

Amanda Thompson
Educator at Concord-Carlisle High School, in Massachusetts

"Really appreciate it and all that you guys are doing!
This is a great experience for so many kids especially during these crazy times!
The kids have been great and everyone has been so very nice and helpful.
Seriously thank you! Mom of TheKing."

Athlete's Parent, in our Discord Community

"The tournament was really fun you guys did a great job setting everything up!
I'm looking forward to being in the first season."

Athlete from Buena Park High School, in California

"I really like what you guys are doing and I hope one day me and my school cna be involved! Thank you."

Community Member and potential Athlete, in our Discord Community

"I'm definitely scoping out for next season tho. Like it will be cool to see the champs of this league change from season to season (hopefully) and see this league grow as a whole."

Community Caster and potential Athlete, in our Discord Community
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3 athletes from the high school heroes esports league playing VR and smiling at each other having a good time


We believe underfunded schools and communities should not have a disadvantage and thanks to our Hero Sponsor, we are able to purchase and donate the necessary equipment to a specific amount of qualified Title 1 High Schools every season.

This means a set number of Title 1 High Schools can join our league and compete at absolutely zero cost.


It doesn't matter where your school is located or what type it is, including homeschools, you can join us now!
We charge a small entry fee that covers our operational costs and your athletes limited edition jerseys.

We accept new schools every season but spots are very limited and are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

a young girl student sitting at her school desk doing homework and looking happy at the camera



Athletes compete for cash and VR Hardware prizes.
Schools and educators compete for special packages and discounts in unique VR classroom experiences with our partners that will set your school apart from all others.

Join our virtual reality high school esports league now to earn glory and prizes.

Season 1 is starting Summer 2021 and registrations close very soon.
Entry fees are 100% tax-deductible and spots are limited so don't lose your chance!
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About Us

The High School Heroes Esports League is an esports community and tournament series created and presented by the media and content production company Outrun Digital, with a strong focus in virtual reality.

Support is provided by the Draper Hero Institute, a non-profit organization that provides applicable and modern resources for future entrepreneurs globally.

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