High School esports
meets Virtual Reality

Season 4 is now live from 2nd-30th apr

Schools around the nation, assembled their team, and show who's the best.
Immersion and physical exercise guaranteed.
No expensive computer labs required.

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Professional broadcasting and production paired with virtual reality veterans and pro athletes to deliver amazing experiences for all to watch.

At the peak of the pandemic when all sports and scholastic events were cancelled, the High School Heroes Esports League was born. Virtual Reality allows schools to provide safe opportunities for students to learn with total immersion and compete in physically engaging activities on a level playing field where all that matters is team play, mental and physical readiness; not expensive hardware.

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Most affordable

For the cost of 1 gaming computer your school can join us for a full year

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Metaverse ready

Get introduced to providers developing immersive VR experiences and platforms catered for schools and educators, so you can be level up your students’ education.

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No exclusivity

Some esports leagues want schools all for themselves.

We don't like that.

You are free to join others and we will cheer for you!

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Fitness & Gaming

Only in VR esports are athletes required to use their full body to compete, just like the sports we watch on TV. Many students find VR esports more approachable than traditional fitness programs.

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Your School wins glory.
We donate.

We sponsor underfunded high schools in the U.S.

Virtual Reality provides the best of both worlds: gaming and physical activity. Unfortunately, many schools can't afford the technology.

We come from educational backgrounds where access to new tech was scarce and know what it is like to not have access to the opportunities it provides. That's why for every 3 schools who purchase the Year Pass, we fully sponsor 1 Title-1 High School in the US with 2x VR headsets*, jerseys, and zero fees to join the league and compete with everyone.

Play hard while knowing you are helping make tech and esports accessible for all!

meet: Virtual Fighting Championship


Virtual Fighting Championship (VFC) is our virtual reality game of choice for Season 3. It is a multiplayer action fighting game that lets players compete in a futuristic boxing matches from anywhere in the world.

VFC strikes a balance between the realism and larger than life sensation. With PVP at its core, VFC seeks to explore into a realm of possibility enabled by VR's unshackling of real-life restraints, and it strives to become the 'Street Fighter' in VR.

Outside of 1v1 fighting, VFC boasts a wide range of fitness training modes that let player practice their striking, endurance, stamina, defense awareness and combat readiness. You can train everything!

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What they say about us

We strive to make every moment an unforgettable experience for everyone, but don't just trust our words for it, check out what educators, parents, and athletes in our league think.

"What you're doing is so incredible. Thank you to you and all of your group for what you've done to make this possible - the gear, the casting, the supportive Discord - it's made COVID just a little easier."

Amanda Thompson
Educator at Concord-Carlisle High School

"Really appreciate it and all that you guys are doing!
This is a great experience for so many kids especially during these crazy times! The kids have been great and everyone has been so very nice and helpful.Seriously thank you! Mom of TheKing."

Athlete's Parent, in our Discord Community

"The tournament was really fun you guys did a great job setting everything up!"

Athlete from Buena Park High School

"I really like what you guys are doing, and I hope one day me and my school can be involved! Thank you."

Community Member and future Athlete

"I'm definitely scoping out for next season. Like it will be cool to see the champs of this league change from season to season and see this league grow as a whole."

Community Caster, in our discord community