High School Heroes Esports League is the perfect match for high schools looking to stay ahead of the curve by offering physically engaging immersive experiences, team-based competitions and entertainment for students – all while helping the education industry grow together and working to resolve inequality for underfunded schools.

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Our virtual reality high school esports league is the only Virtual Reality Esports League to receive the™ Accredited Educational Experience certificate and by joining us your students can safely play from home and represent your school and communities through a unique fusion of education, competition, exercise and team-building activities that are pandemic-proof and demand full body movements.

our mission

To provide pandemic-safe opportunities for students to remain engaged in high-school activities through access to the latest virtual reality technology, to increase student participation rates by providing a positive extracurricular activity, and to foster relationships between Educators and VR Developers who offer experiences that increase the quality of student education through immersive learning opportunities.

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Our team

A drawing of Leiriel.
Co-Founder & CEO


Immigrant, former Graphic Designer and LBEVR Consultant. As an epileptic he advocates for accessibility in gaming.

A drawing of QTPop.
Co-founder & COO


Former Influencer Manager and Content Creator. Cooks way too much good food not to be a secret renowned chef.

A drawing of PeskyCashew
Arbitrator & VR Esports Veteran


Former International VR Esports Champion with over 40 tournament appearances. Can't stop winning.